19 September 2021

A Guide to Mental Health and How it Works

Mental Health vs Physical Health

The connection between your mental wellbeing and your physical health is obvious. Tapping into your inner core or centering your thoughts and energy will help you deal with setbacks and challenges, build greater resilience and help better cope with stress, emotions, worry and stress.

The Challenges We Face

But it is not just what happens in your head that makes you feel good but how you deal with the challenges, thoughts and feelings that happens everyday. A number of powerful mental health techniques will help you move your feelings, thoughts and emotions from overwhelming thoughts to resourcefulness. Next time you are having a busy day you can use some healing techniques or you can find out more about how to determine your goals and achieve them. You can see how change can help you feel revitalized.

Take A Time Out

There is so much going on right now in everyone’s busy lives that it is important to take a personal morning shower and hit the conditioning ball to get you going. Successful people know the difference between the occasional five minute snooze, like most of us do, to a daily routine that sets the tone for the days activities, tasks, relationships and commitments.

When you get caught up in anxiety, worry and fear your mind and body are working overtime and you are not taking in the rest of the world around you that waits for you. And of course, you are emotionally and mentally exhausted which creates an imbalance and becomes against yourself. Be well prepared for whatever you will be using and doing during the reading of this message. Your mind needs you to clear your thoughts. A client asked me what the best way to find out what entered my mind was the moment I sat down to speak with her.

Final Words

We talk all the time, our minds are busy processing what is happening right now. We determine what is important happening right now and make choices that affect us moving forward. That is good and very important. The other thing that happens is that the mind works so very hard to protect us from what it feels is a threat. This threat can create a state of overwhelming thoughts and experiences that you are trying hard just to avoid in that moment. When we are busy protecting ourselves from this perceived stimulus we lose sight of the present moment. We are in fear, worry or part of a community with fear related activities, usually created out of ones emotion that is so very intense but which doesn’t exist. There are many stories of people who were presented with a very intense emotional experience but it does not exist. It only exists in their minds.

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